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Writing updates!

Hi guys! I know, it’s been a month since my latest post. But you know what? I’ve been busy! Busy writing! Unfortunately, due to my eyes hating my pc screen, I can stay in front of it only so many hours per day. Considering that I use to watch tv t...

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s LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL BELOW AND YOU’LL GET A FREE EBOOK OF SUPERNATURAL FREAK, BOOK 1 IN THE SERIES! Hello people who love my books!!! I’m going to be silently screaming because you all are FINALLY READING SUPERNATURAL FOG!...

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Women Are All Kinds of Strong by Hadiya Malyk

  Hi everyone, since I’m still not 100% functioning after my dog’s death, here’s, for my mini-blog tour, an insightful post by fellow writer Hadiya Malyk, enjoy!!!   Author A: ‘My heroine is so strong she can lift truck...

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A very sad update

Dear readers and friends, so sorry for having disappeared again, and during the pre-release of my second book. Unfortunately, my best friend, my beloved dog Martino got worse in the second half of Jan and died on the 4th of February. I will write ...