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My first writing update!

by Louisa Klein

Hello everyone! I’m back, stronger than ever!

So, today I’m here to share my experience with pitching, hoping it can be helpful to at least some of you!I’m a seasoned fiction editor and copywriter, but a total screenwriting newbie! My first screenplay (an action thriller with some humor) placed well in the Screencraft pilot competition and in the Weescreenplay one, so I thought that I could start pitching it (after many revisions and two more scripts) to executives this year. To do it well, I took the pitching course by Sony executive Jason Kyle of the CW Writer’s Room and it was really helpful! After that, I started Pitching through Stage 32 (and I’m now starting with Virtual Pitch Fest as well):So far, I’ve pitched 4 people and, as expected, they all rejected me. BUT, 2 out of 4 gave me anyway encouraging feedback while the other 2 … well, they both passed because the tone of the show wasn’t clear to them and the last one, although not 100% sure, wrote: “if your thriller has comedic traits, you might consider comparing it to Killing Eve” which was obvious but mind-blowing at the same time! I mean, I LOVE Killing Eve but for some stupid reason I didn’t think about using it as a comparison (while it is really fitting)!

Anyway, I’ll keep pitching (and writing) until I’ll find my fan: remember, you only need ONE yes!Also, what I’ve learnt so far:1) Do not get fixated on one project especially if, like me, you’re looking for representation (every agent I personally talked to/read about wants a portfolio with at least 3 samples);2) You’ll get all sort of different, often conflicting feedback (this regularly happens in publishing too) BUT, when a good amount of people tell you the same thing (like, in my case, the tone of the show isn’t clear) it is not them, IT’S YOU! So, just silence your writer’s ego, roll-up your sleeves and fix whatever needs fixing!3) DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED BY REJECTIONS! As I mentioned above, you just need one fan/one yes! Pitching is a little bit like dating: you don’t need a lot of suitors, just the one who understands you and loves you for whom you are! (And by the way, guys, if you’re into well-read, cis, straight nerdy girls with an obsession for Star Wars, I’m totally on the market!)KEEP WRITING AND DON’T GIVE UP YOU ALL!!!

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