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Still Alive!

by Louisa Klein

By the skin of my teeth, but alive.

You’ve all noticed that I haven’t posted anything in 3 months, right? I mean, you kept logging in to check on me, I nearly had 7000 unique visitors in August!

Well, June was REALLY BUSY, then I planned to slow down a little in July and get vaccinated and finally be able to travel again but … I nearly died of anaphylactic shock in early July, that’s why I had to let this blog go and focus on my health. What happened? I simply had a massive allergic reaction to a tropical fruit juice, that’s what happened! At first it was just a rush then my face became a balloon in the following days, and I had to be rushed to the hospital where they put me on cortisone for 40 days, which means … no Covid vaccine for me, not yet.

I now need to see a series of doctors and undergo many tests before getting the greenlight to get my vaccine and get it anyway while in hospital, since it would be anyway too dangerous for me in a regular vaccination centre.

Anyway, I’m looking after myself and next week I have my first appointment You all take care, stay safe and healthy and keep visiting this nlog, since I have plenty of interesting news and a ton of reviews that I’m going to post in the following weeks. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, TELL ME WHO YOU ARE HOW YOU ARE DOING! BYE!

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Tracy Toye October 5, 2021 - 9:54 am

great read as always! so glad that you are OK! i was wondering actually!

Long JOhn March 12, 2022 - 1:04 pm

You’re not a very good writer.

Louisa Klein March 14, 2022 - 7:18 am

But I’m a good one!😉😉 Of course there’s always space for improvement.


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