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How I ended-up working for #LeeAronsohn (at the Creators Writing Room)

by Louisa Klein

So, it’s been 6 months now, so I believe that I can officialize it, finally saying it out loud: I’M WORKING FOR LEE ARONSOHN AND JASON KYLE AT THE CW ROOM!

Now, before you get confused, please let me explain in a succinct way:  The CW Room (short for Creators’ Writing Room) is a screenwriting consultancy offering ALL SORT OF EDUCATIONAL TOOLS (many TOTALLY FREE!). It was funded by Jason Kyle and Lee Aronsohn. Jason is a raising Sony Executive whose favorite sport is teasing me, while Lee Aronsohn is, well, LEE ARONSOHN! The co-creator of TWO AND A HALF MEN, the executive producer of THE BIG BANG THEORY, head writer of CHARLES IN CHARGE, all shows I enjoyed and grew-up with. I’m the junior editor, marketer and overall factotum of this new company and I couldn’t be happier!

you’re probably wondering how and why I landed this amazing position, so here it is: if you’re a regular of this blog, you already know that I’m a writer, editor and compulsive reader; what you probably do not know, is that I’ve always wanted to be a writer, literally well before I could write! Growing-up, I realized that there were many ways to tell stories, not only books: theatre plays, musicals, comic books and, ultimately, movies and tv shows. Sadly, although a hardcore movie and tv nerd, I had always considered the latter totally beyond my reach, since in Europe the movie industry is very small and everyone told me to move to LA if I wanted a chance. This was out of question, first a student enrolled in a prestigious University program, then as someone who got fulfilling jobs in publishing and PR: in Europe I had jobs and opportunities, I decided I’d stay here and focus on books; writing for the screen was just a dream. Or maybe not, thanks to this awful pandemic.

A few months before Covid hit, Lee Aronsohn had started holding free webinars on Zoom, where he magisterially analyzed TV pilots of famous shows, including his own! Now, because of the different time zone, said webinars started in the middle of the night for me, but THEY WERE SO GREAT AND USEFUL AND I WAS LEARNING SO MUCH FROM THEM, THAT I WAS HAPPY TO WAKE UP AT 2 A.M to learn about pacing and structure, firmly believing that I could use what I learned to write better books (and I was right because, you know, pacing and structure are the pillars of ANY TYPE OF FICTION). I still didn’t think I had the smallest chance to work in Hollywood at any level, because of the reasons stated above. Then, Covid hit and Zoom became a thing and everyone started working remotely and a revolution started! Although busier than ever, I kept watching Lee’s webinars and, at the end of one of them, they posted a quick ad, stating that they were searching for a copywriter!  And I was one! But wait, maybe I was dreaming, after all, I was deeply sleep-deprived … no, it was real. I blinked several times and the ad was still there! Probably thanks to the brain fog caused by the above sleep deprivation, I ditched my insecurities and decided to give it a shot. So I applied. Then pretended it didn’t happen. Then, in December, I got an invitation to a Zoom interview and, again, I pretended it was no big deal. The interview went incredibly well, not in spite, but actually BECAUSE I AM A NERD! I immediately clicked with the rest of the AMAZING team and my new boss immediately started to tease me and never stopped … (I mean, Jason, seriously …). I started working for the CW Room after Xmas; I said ‘working’, but the correct term is ‘learning’; people, THE AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE I’VE AMASSED IN ONLY SIX MONTHS IS MIND-BLOWING!  As Jason and Lee always repeat: “the first step in doing what you want to do is surrounding yourself with those who are already doing it” AND IT’S SO TRUE!

 I was mentored by Jason and other senior team members, I learned a ton of things about the business, about screenwriting and, even more importantly, about HOW TO PITCH CONFIDENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY!

Six months in, I’m still learning like crazy while having A TON OF FUN!   

If you, like me, dream to write for the screen one day, or SIMPLY WANT TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER OVERALL, you MUST check the CW ROOM OUT!

As mentioned, they offer a ton of free stuff, along with very affordable COURSES ABOUT HOW TO PITCH YOUR SHOW IDEA!

To know more about their services, simply click on their logo below:       

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