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#Writingtips Wednesday: Self-care advice 4 Writers!

by Louisa Klein

And here I am! Back from my cave folks, sorry I haven’t posted for a while,   but I went through some personal, very distressful stuff involving mourning a dear one and I was out of order for a while. 

Unfortunately, that has affected not only my daily mood, but also my health (I have endometriosis and stress makes it worse almost instantly, since it intensifies the chronic inflammation) and my job: lost a couple of clients who wouldn’t accept a discount in exchange for the (minor) delay and preferred to terminate our contracts. Obviously, I had to accept their decision and move on, but it was tough, especially since I had already worked hard at their projects and, well, I was counting on that money. They also refused to pay me a reduced fee for the job that I had already done (and done well), so this was a total waste of time for me. 

I spent days beating myself up, because I wasn’t able to bounce back as quickly as I wanted to, because I let my feelings affect my health, my job, my writing and, overall my life. I had a number of other writing-related set backs that made things worse and increased the stress. I really had two very shitty weeks. 

Now, usually I post technical writing tips on Wednesdays, but please let me give you different advice for once: if something as awful as losing someone happens to you, pleas take your time to mourn. I’m talking especially to you, men, since I was raised just like you: boys don’t cry, you’ve got push through no matter what etc. Well, there are situation when pushing though isn’t an option; there are situations when the HEALTHIEST THING TO DO IS TO SIT AND CRY and take your time to collect yourself. If you don’t do it, THE STRESS WILL JUST INCREASE, THINGS WILL GET WORSE, NOT BETTER, AND YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO FUNCTION FOR A MUCH, MUCH LONGER TIME. 

We all need to slow down sometimes because we all have setbacks, some major ones in my case, and it’s just right to care of yourself when these things happen, especially if you already have underlying health issues. And even if you don’t. Sit, cry, take a deep breath. 

Being unable to write for a while sucks, I know, but I PROMISE YOU that, once you’ve recovered, your writing will recover with you, actually, IT WILL BE EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE! It has happened to me: I’ve been a writing machine for two days in a row, hey, I wrote this very post in less than ten minutes! 

So, take your time, recover and then raise from your fucking ashes, better and stronger than before! Take care you all!

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