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7 TV Shows I’m Binge-Watching

by Louisa Klein

So, I did an “ask me anything” on my Insta stories and one of the recurring questions was “what do you bing watch”? Well,  a hell of lot of stuff, people! Here’s a selection (in no particular order) of my best picks for the year 2020-2021, but that’s just a fraction of what I watch (and read, of course).

  1. WandaVision

I’ve already reviewed this show here, so don’t make me talk anymore about it, just go and read my review!

2. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

I’m not going to review or say anything about this until all episodes are available; so far, I’d say it didn’t keep its promises (but in its defence, I really had high expectations)

3. Grey’s Anatomy

A real classic, so full of over the top drama and improbable romance! Just was one likes to unwind during a stressful pandemic. Plus, Ellen Pompeo is amazing!

4. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

I found out this show by chance and I can say, I was really lucky! This is a true gem that I’m going to review soon but for now, just let me tell you: season 2 is even better than season 1!

5. Bo Jack Horseman

This show was recommended to me by a friend with clinical depression; that’s the main reason why I was reluctant to watch it, since ai was afraid it’d be too sad. Boy, if I was wrong! I mean, it is sad in many ways, but the story and the characters are so well-written  and so compelling l that one only enjoys the ride as well as the dark, abrasion humor: already watched the first 3 seasons and have no intention to stop until I finish it!

6. Invincible 

Another animated masterpiece! Have just started watching it but, so far, it’s not disappointing!

7. Mom

Being a huge Chuck Lorre fan, I couldn’t miss this show. Like, I haven’t missed a single episode and I can really say that it gets better with each season! Sadly, this amazing show will end this year and it just breaks my heart. Alison Janet and the rest of the cast are awesome and I’ll miss their amazing performance!

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