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#HappyEaster , #Happypassover!

by Louisa Klein

Dear all,

today’s it’s Christian Easter and the last day of Passover (the Jewish Easter). Passover lasts one week and I sent my best wishes to the Jewish community on Twitter, on the 27th March, waiting for today to write a proper post. I come from an interfaith family (Jewish and Catholic) and we all celebrate both festivities normally, of course this wasn’t possible this year, nor the last one.
what can I say? Hang in there, we’ve almost made it!

I know it seems crazy, but I’m sure that something positive will come out of this awful situation, we just need to be patient and keep our eyes open. And HELP whoever we can during this awful times because, you know, there are people who lost everything and need support to be able to make it through and give their contribution to the world, later on, when the emergency will be over.

below, some artisan Easter eggs made in Turin (Norther Italy) where I’m currently living and, below them, the classic Seder meal, served during the first day of Passover.

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