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#WandaVision, my review

by Louisa Klein

So, I’m really conflicted about this one, since there are plenty of things that I loved and others, not so much.

Things that I loved:

  1. Disney this time tried to do something different, made an original experiment and that should always be rewarded, since very few production companies take this kind of risks ever! Especially on what are minor Marvel characters (Vision and Scarlet Witch were never major players in the Marvel Universe).
  • The cast is beyond stellar until the very last extra, Paul Bettany and Elisabeth Olsen being the icy on an amazing cake filled with rare talent (Kathryn Hahn, anyone? Kat Dennings?); really, even actors with minor speaking role are so natural and realistic, they all blew my mind!
  • Action scenes, although scarce, were very well-directed and made you feel involved and on excited, even though they played on a small screen and not at the cinema. 

On the other hand, this was generally boring. Like, so very boring, people! I liked the sitcom spin, but after two episodes became boring and predictable; I mean, I grew-up watching BEWITCHED, it’s a vintage show that I can watch FOR FREE whenever I want. I don’t need to pay Disney to make me re-watch it, passing it as something new.

Plus, I found a little disturbing that Wanda’s ideal of happiness is being a conservative housewife in the suburbs, doing whatever she can to fit-in with a bunch of obtuse people. I mean, she could have dreamt to be a famous artist with a supportive husband, a pianist, performing with her husband, the CEO of a big company, having Vision as her super-efficient assistant and (quite literally) personal computer.

Instead, we have one of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe wearing aprons and cooking dinner for the kids. I mean, it’s kind of meh.


My favorite character was Darcy Lewis, played by the great Kat Dennings: that abrasive, nerdish scientist was so funny, brane and relatable that, honestly, I would have gladly watched a whole show about her, instead of Wanda washing the dishes and cooking in an apron for hours!

Anyway, overall it was good and I liked it. I’m totally going to watch season 2, when it comes out.    

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