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My new blogging schedule

by Louisa Klein

Hello again, nerds of the world!

Yesterday’s post had an incredible success dudes, thank you! This blog’s getting more and more established and I won’t share my numbers with you (yet) but some big surprise is about to drop at the end of the month … just saying …

Anyway, since you’re all been so wonderful and had the patience to read my stuff so consistently, I’ve decided to create a schedule, so that you know what to expect on what day and here it is:

MONDAY INTERVIEW: each Monday, I’ll do my best to post an interesting interview of another creative person, wheter they’re writers, producers or visual artists; of course it won’t be always possible to have a new interview each week, but I’ll do my very best to!

WRITING TIPS WEDNESDAY: well, the name says it all: each Wednesday, I’ll post free tips about writing, how to improve your style, be more productive as a writer, write smarter etc.

THURSDAY FEATURE: each Thursday (not today, of course) I’ll post random crap about me, what I’m doing, my pets, updates about my writing, general rambling about life and stuff.

FRIDAY REVIEW: since Friday is the weekend’s prelude and we all need to chill and relax, every Friday I’ll post reviews about books, tv shows and movies, so that you can maybe try new things, check-out some books that aren’t particularly famous , as well as decide if you really want to invest your time and money in that particular bestseller/blockbuster ; I watch a lot of stuff and read a lot of books, so pretty much every Friday I should have something to say #opinionatednerdalert .

So, what do you think? Any more suggestions? Anyone in particular you’d like me to interview? Any show/movie/book you’d like to recommend me? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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