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I’m on YouTube!

by Louisa Klein

Hello you beautiful nerds! Sorry for the absence, but I was very busy during this lockdown which, here in Italy, was lifted onky last week! I enjoyed working for a number of amazing clients, deep-cleaned the house, worked on a couple of personal projects and… got on YouTube! Yes, folks, this nerd is making videos now! Why? Well, In a couple of months or so I hope to have a very important meeting, a meeting that could get a job that I really, really want. I’m not bragging when I tell you that I’m perfect for the job, I am, trust me. What I’m not good at is “selling myself”, although I’m a copywriter and selling products to people is basically what I do for a living. Problem is, I’m not a product. But, in a way, I am perceived as such by those who are considering hiring me; I’m a complex product, if you like, with multiple qualities and skills as well as weaknesses but, in their eyes, I am still one! Now, in spite of my above weaknesses, I really am the right person for th ejib. All I need to do is to hone my pitching and overall social skills, which is what I’m making random videos on YouTube, unedited, without makeup and, of course, unscripted, because when you are asked random questions during a job interview you don’t really have a script to follow, do you? Anyway, without further ado, you find the link below. Be kind! Pretty please…😅😅😅

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