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#Resist #covid19 we’re gonna make it!

by Louisa Klein

Dear all,
These are very difficult days, sometimes even painful. These are days filled with anxiety and fear, with worries for the future, with physical and emotional distances.

In these moments, I’m grateful to have a family and friends who back me up and are there for me, no matter what happens. Not everyone is as lucky and this pandemic is hitting hard above all the weakest, the poorest, those who are lonely.

People keep saying that it’s going to be all right, that we have to practice social distance today, to be able to hug each other tomorrow. Tomorrow. That’s something that never gets into the conversation and I very much understand why: We are all concentrated on surviving the present, on finding the money to feed our kids, or our pets, or both! We are focused on fighting these terrible times and keep it together and eventually make it. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

Still, sometimes thinking about tomorrow, thinking about the future can help fighting in the present. Sometimes, having something to look forward to can help you find the strength to carry on and stop the tears and not give up. So, today, I encourage you all to think of yourself in a year: Pick something that you’d really want to do and put it in your virtual backpack, keep it safe for better times. Maybe it’s starting your own business, or going to college, or go on a long-planned trip with your friends, or maybe it’s just enjoying your kids’ company without having to constantly worrying about paying the bills and putting food on the table. Whatever it is, keep it in your imaginary rucksack, keep it safe and go back to it whenever you feel sad, desperate and feel like you’re not gonna make it. Because you will, trust me. And once you’re out of the woods, you’ll get to do that special thing you’ve been longing for and I promise you it’ll be even better than you imagined it. Let’s all resist until then. Stay strong.

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