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#HappyEaster! #HappyPassover!

by Louisa Klein

From goofy me. Yep, I chose to post this pic of me acting like an idiot (I mean, more than usual) to cheer you up, people. We are living dark times and it’s tough on everyone and for everyone, for some more than for others, I know.

I’m not trying to underestimate this situation, trust me, I live in Northern Italy at the moment, I know it’s serious. Nevertheless, I also believe we already have more than enough drama in our lives these days and sometimes telling a joke or simply sticking out your tongue in front of a mirror (like I’m doing in this pic) can make a difference and help people (and myself) see the bright side of things and remember that this is going to end and that we will come out of this stronger than ever! So, hang in there folks, you can do it. And since you’re at it, make a face in front of your mirror and send me pics on my Facebook page, let’s cheer each other up in every way we can! Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

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