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Some Tips to Describe Feelings

by Louisa Klein

And here I am again, fiction nerds and writers!

So, the article I posted yesterday truly resonated with people and I got a lot of emails and messages on Instagram, asking for more writing articles and so … here’s one!  As you many of you already know, I’m not only a copywriter, but also an editor and beta reader. One of the most common mistakes that I find when edit other people’s books, is that they tend to use always the same words to describe a MC’s feelings (and not only to describe that, but one thing at a time). So, I’ve compiled for you all a list of synonyms that can help you find more original, different words to express the same concept and I tried to make it look as pretty as I could, because … we all learn better when things are pretty, don’t we?   So, below my pretty list, do not hesitate to shoot me an email, if you have any more questions or suggestions (louisakleinuk@googlemail.com). Enjoy!  

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