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Turin, the new Berlin!

by Louisa Klein

After going back and forward for over a year, when Brexit got finalised I’ve finally took a leap of faith and moved from London to northern Italy, Turin (Torino) to be precise. I’m blessed with multiple passports, so I can move around Europe without problems, contrary to many UK residents who are now stuck in Little England.

Turin is an elegant, baroque city closely attached to the Alps (great skiing locations here!) and stone-throw from France. That’s probably why it feels more like a European city than an Italian one, although it retains a lot of typical Northern Italian features, such the local gourmet food (this is white truffles’ motherland) and a touch of messy elegance that helps you relax, when it’s not overused. I chose this city for many reasons, one that it’s very European (screw you, Brexit!) and another because it’s the Italian capital city of start-ups and the fifth start-ups city in Europe.

You see, this hidden gem is not only super-well connected to Europe and the rest of Italy, but it’s outrageously cheap. How cheap? You can rent a top-notch one bedroom apartment with a balcony in the city centre for the equivalent of 700 dollars, most of the bills included! Health care is great and free but, in case you prefer to go to a private practice, you can get a full check-up for 150 bucks.

The fact that it’s so cheap, elegant and well-connected is attracting all sort of artists and creatives from literally all over the world and it’s becoming what Berlin was in the nineties. Or Paris, in the roaring twenties (and, after all, we are now in our roaring twenties, aren’t we?).
In less than a year here, I’ve connected with a bunch of truly amazing people with a powerful creative zest, incredible artists and writers, some I simply met at cafes where we gathered to write in peace. The creative community in this wonderful town grows every day and I’m very excited to be here and be part of it!

I can’t wait to share with you more about this city “always on the move”, as they say here, can’t wait to show you in detail all its beauty and peculiarities and to introduce you the fantastic creatives “nerds” and other “abnormal” people who made this elegant city their home. For now, to get a taste, head to my Instagram and have a look, here’s the link!


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