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We are “Sikh” of Laurence Fox!

by Louisa Klein

So, I’ve just read this news on Twitter and I really need to speak up on this.

From the Daily Mail:

“Actor Laurence Fox has slammed Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes over an ‘incongruous’ Sikh soldier appearing in the movie 1917.

The Lewis star said that ‘forcing diversity on people’ is ‘institutionally racist’ after saying that the inclusion of Nabhaan Rizwan portraying Sepoy Jondalar was not in keeping with the film’s surroundings.

The epic film follows two young British soldiers tasked with traversing no-man’s land with a message as the Germans pull back from the Western Front.”

This genius continued, affirming that England isn’t a racist country, that “We’re the most tolerant, lovely country in Europe.

Well, Mr. Fox, here’s the thing: No, England isn’t a lovely country filled of inclusive people. Let’s just have a look at the UK’s history, please, ever heard of the British Empire? Colonialisms and its many crimes? Go ask an Indian how inclusive the UK is, to these days. Hey, look at Brexit, whose goal is to kick out of the country anyone who’s NOT BRITISH (regardless if they’re white or not).   

And to this idiot’s knowledge, Sikhs fought alongside British forces in the War.  Only, their troops were kept SEPARATED from the white British ones, which, yes, makes the movie inaccurate. Because you know, dear Mr. Fox Sikhs were allowed to fight and die for the British Empire, but they WERE NOT ALLOWED to fight elbow to elbow with their white comrades

All my admiration goes out to the thousands of Sikhs who died in the War and fought and died to defend the country who killed them, robbed them, raped their women and enslaved them. And all that, so that a pathetic little idiot with a receding hair line could call “institutionally racist” a movie including them in history  

  Above the title, a picture from 1913 of the 2nd Sikh Royal Infantry, and of Sikhs marching in France. More than 80,000 Sikhs died fighting for Britain. But Lawrence Fox is angry that 1917 showed Sikhs in the army…

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