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The Xmas gallery!

by Louisa Klein

Guys, thanks a lot of your response! My Xmas post yesterday stirred a lot of curiosity, got over 100 new followers on my Instagram and was overwhelmed by messages asking me what exactly was the gallery with the Xmas tree inside (the first photo you can see in my previous post). So, here I am, telling you everything I know about it!
This gallery is in the heart of Turin’s city centre and it’s a wonderful piece of Art Deco architecture, although built much later, in1931, when technically the Art Deco movement was finished. It also hosts the “Lux” cinema, one of the first European movie theatres and the very first one in Italy.
This is one of my favourite places in Turin, filled with posh, yet quirky shops, always full of people from all over the world and often with talented street musicians entertaining you for free (I mean, last summer I went and there was a guy from Turin music school playing a bunch of Bach violin concertos.
As I’ve said, I love this place. I love to stroll around this gallery, look at the people, stop at one of the amazing coffee shops and write there. Still, my favourite time of the year to go is before Xmas, because of the lovely festive atmosphere and the stunning decorations, I mean, look at those! The pics below were taken with my iPad, but I assure you, the whole thing looks even better when you see it in person!

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Suko December 19, 2019 - 10:26 pm

Oh, how festive and beautiful! I love Art Deco architecture and artifacts. I’d love to visit the Gallery someday.

demiamumsdos November 20, 2021 - 4:23 pm


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