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It feels a lot like Xmas …

by Louisa Klein

A week until Xmas! My family and I have been through some tough stuff lately and I really hope that the trend is changing and things will start being better.
Anyway, I want to be an optimist and focus on good things such as the festive season.
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I moved to Turin two years ago, right after the Brexit referendum. Turin is a very European city in Northern Italy, very close to France. It used to be known for its industries, Fiat above all, but it’s now changing into a wonderful quirky, hipsters-friendly art city that has re-discovered its amazing Baroque buildings and it’s proud of its fantastic Egyptian museum. It’s a little bit like Berlin was right after the wall fell, a city old and new at the same time, full of potential and possibilities and opportunities for artists and creatives especially since … it’s crazily cheap!  And by cheap, I mean that you can live in a nice one bedroom flat in the city centre for as little as 600 dollars per month! Really, if you, like me, are a creative with a small business not making an awful lot of money, but willing to boost your craft while trying something new (and make a living while trying), this is the place for you!
Here, Xmas lights and decorations are just amazing, especially in some areas of the city centre. Below, a couple of pics to give you an idea of the atmosphere, will tell you more about this amazing city during Xmas tomorrow!

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