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Last Xmas I gave You My heart, Review

by Louisa Klein

This movie’s really too stupid. I mean, it’s also cute, but the stupidity totally overwhelms the cuteness and it’s a pity, because this could have been great, really!In the end, it goes all Shymalan on you and ruins everything.
This movie is based on the famous Wham!’s song “Last Xmas I Gave You My Heart” and the plot is … literally that.
Kate, our MC, struggles with life, has no direction whatsoever and also looks at least mildly depressed, but we don’t know why, at first. Kate keeps disappointing her boss who, for some reason, keeps giving her second chances. Kate also takes her family for granted and goes to visit them only when she needs something. She’s constantly drunk, she sleeps with random people, she’s a hot mess.
And then, a few days before Xmas, she meets this awesome, charming Asian guy she starts to hand with and he is
actually … drum roll please… her heart donor. No, I’m not kidding. I believe I’ve already told you this film’s stupid, please let me reiterate it: This film’s stupid.
Emma Thompson did her best to give it some depth, for instance by adding a second story line about a sister who’s a closeted lesbian, but it didn’t work.
The whole execution is so goofy, that it takes all the fun away from you.
For a start, there’s no consistent set of rules. Hot Asian is a sort of ghost, right? So Kate has been going around London for days laughing on her own and talking to herself like a lunatic, but apparently no one called an ambulance for her. OK, you could point out that she lives in London, so that’s probably why everyone pretended everything was normal with her. Because we Brits tend to ignore the elephant in the room, you know. We Brits mind our own business and probably would let you bleed out in the street without raising a finger to help you (unless you’re blocking the road, of course, in that case we’d call an ambulance after having told you off and you’d better apologise before they take you to the hospital). Yes, we mind our business, but even we have our limits! So, that scene where Hot Asian walks Kate to the bus stop and they chat like crazy and then the bus arrives, she gets on and they keep chatting and the bus driver waits for them to finish talking… well, that scene DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Because, you know, SHE IS TALKING TO HERSELF LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN and if I were in the bus driver’s shoes, I wouldn’t let her on, I’d screech away while calling the police.
What about when they both got into Hot Asian’s place? In reality, Kate has broken into someone’s flat without realising it? And what about when they let us understand that he can’t touch anything, since he’s a ghost, of course, but then he suddenly starts touching thing and moving them around?? I could continue.
Still, the worst and most outrageous part of this movie is suggesting that a woman who has got a heart transplant less than a year before, can go around drinking herself stupid and fucking random strangers without consequences; it’s common knowledge that the receiver of a transplant MUST take of herself not only to honour the donor but to simply… survive. Immune suppressants paired with major surgery expose the body to all sort of infections that can be deadly to a transplantee, even a simple cold can be fatal in those conditions. So, this narrative according to which you can get a transplant and then do whatever you want as if nothing had changed is not only disrespectful, but highly misleading.
All the above mess could have been fixed by simply avoiding the Shyamalan twist and take a guardian angel approach from the start, like in “The Bishop’s Wife”.
Save your money.

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Suko December 16, 2019 - 1:36 am

Thanks for your honest review of this movie! I am interested in seeing The Bishop’s Wife.


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