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A New Podcast Not to Miss!

by Louisa Klein

And happy Monday to you all!!
I had planned a totally different post for this morning, BUT then I bumped into something amazing that I HAD to share with you all, my beautiful, nerdish, unicorn-like fiction fans!
Now, I’ve joined a number of writers groups on Facebook, some more useful than others, some particularly exciting, others not so much. A VERY GOOD ONE is the TV Comedy Writers Group – Los Angeles, where you can connect with all sort of brilliant, talented people either already working in the field OR working hard to break in.
One of the latter is ALISON TUMMOLO, a GREAT PODCASTER who has this GREAT PODCAST ABOUT WRITING FOR THE SILVER SCREEN called: “Story Telling Saga” where she interviews a number of cool people of the industry, one of them being the ONE AND ONLY DAVID STEVEN COHEN! Wait, you don’t know who he is? Well, you probably grew-up with his cartoons, you know, since he’s the writer of Steven Spielberg’s BALTO (yes, that one!!!) and was the show runner of one of my favorite cartoons ever: COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG!
Mr. Cohen gives us a lot of insight in the entertainment industry and gives aspiring writers a series of very useful tips, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity and go listen to this cool podcast! Thank you again Alison, for giving everyone the chance to learn from the best ones in the field!
To listen, just click on the link below!

Episode 66 — The World of Writing with David Steven Cohen

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