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Avengers Endgame's many plot holes

by Louisa Klein

Now, full disclosure: I was never a fan of the Russo Brothers. I personally found both Captain America and The Winter Shoulder (especially the Winter Soldier) rather slow and dragged around, BUT the plot was consistent, the characters also behaved according to their personality and THERE WEE NO PLOT HOLES. The same can’t be said about the last 2 Avengers movies, especially the final one.
So, I know I’m going against the flow here, since #AvengersEndgame is massively successful, but I really, really didn’t like it. I can’t explain why people liked the Russo Brothers Avengers movies, they’re so filled with plot holes, that I count them at night, to go to sleep, instead of sheep.
In Infinity War Doctor Strange and the good guys had the time stone for two-third of the movie but … never used it to get back in time and stop Thanos because?… Because they needed to drag a nonsensical movie for over two hours and then make another one about time travel … but let’s start from the beginning.
As I mentioned, Endgame has a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies, let’s start with the minor ones:
The US has 325 millions inhabitants. Even if they’ve been halved, there’s still 150 millions inhabitants, which is a lot. So, big cities like NY can’t be empty like in the movie. Plus, there are area of areas in America (and the world) which are naturally less populated, so it makes sense that survivors from those areas would migrate towards the big cities. But they have to show us a sort of distopyan post-Thanos world where there’s practically no one left, so that people get the message.
One of the many plot holes of infinity was that if you wipe someone from existence , no one remembers him. Thanos, it is made clear in Infinity Wars, doesn’t kill, but wipes half of the universe from existence. That person has never existed. Also, by wiping half of the beings from existence, then you wipe off also their offsprings, so more than half of the people on earth should be gone. Also, if you wipe from existence for instance the guy who saved another guy from a car accident, then if the saving guy is wiped out , also the saved one is gone, since he couldn’t have been saved. Think the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the one with James Stewart, broadcast every Xmas, you know what I’m talking about. It has the same concept. It’s incredible and frustrating that Frank Capra, a director of a super cheesy 50s Xmas movie managed to get this concept right, but the Russo brothers and their writers didn’t 60 years later.
Also, has anyone thought that, at least as far as Earth is concerned, not all who disappeared were good, loving people? Actually, statistically speaking, the odds were that they were criminals, or at least assholes. Think about it, Thanos has made magically disappeared your abusive husband, for five years you’ve been happily sleeping with the postman and one day BANG! your husband reappears, out of the blue, and kills you and your new boyfriend. So, psychopaths, murderers, sociopaths, ruthless CEO, corrupt politicians… they’re all back, yay! What a celebration of life.
Another gigantic plot hole of Infinity is that the stone of reality can, well, modify reality sooo… once you have the reality stone you’re good, you can do what the fuck you want to the universe you can, for instance, make it expand, creating more space, instead of wiping out of it out of existence. This could have been at least mentioned during Infinity, you know, to underline how Evil Thanos is. Also, Strange had the stone of time. The stone of time! He could travel through time, they could have gone back in time during infinity, I kept expecting them to go back in time, after all strange had done already, but nooo…. You can also use the stone of reality to make the universe expand to contain more people, so to speak, but of course that wasn’t an option, because then we wouldn’t have had Infinity, nor any conflict etc. Again, to fix such a gigantic plot hole it would have been enough to simply state that the reality stone had some kind of limits but nooo… don’t let me even start.
And last but not least: I know that I’m not going to be popular (black sheep) but Thanos ‘ reasons are, per se, just. Overpopulation is killing us all. After 5 years , the benefits of the population being halved should be evident. Plus, in 5 years people have restarted reproducing, probably like rabbits, like after every plague in European history. So, if you also bring back the disappeared ones, now you have an even more populated Earth, a planet ready to collapse.
Since when is Stark is blonde? Why did they turn into him into a reddish blonde? Whose idea was this? Stark is supposed to have been born in 71? Seriously? 6 years younger than Downey in real life? Terrible acting Hawkeye and Natasha . Nat dies and no one gives a crap, no one is sad, no pathos, no nothing.
Thanos says that, until there will be beings who remembers what it has been, they will be unable to see what could be. Nebula kills herself of the past but then she still stands??? Also, all the bad aliens are back in action, they didn’t calculate that? Question, if I get the stones back where they were, then wouldn’t thanos get them in the past, so everything and restarts from the beginning, he does his thing, then the avengers do theirs and we are stuck in a time loop? Cap brings thorns hammer in the past and that’s ok??? Also, no one should know who cap is, the time line has been modified, so he never got frozen, he never went to the future, he never actually was an avenger and never actually did all the things he did.
If you wanna laugh, not even the Russo Brothers understood this twist, they were persuaded that, somehow, Old Cap came from a different timeline, but the writers of the movie told them publicly that that wasn’t the case: https://www.express.co.uk/…/Avengers-Endgame-plot-hole-Capt…
Long story short… I WANT JOSS WHEDON BACK! Yes, he’s a cheating husband and a frustrated nerd who used his position of power to have sex with his actresses, but man if he can write!

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