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Brittany Runs A Marathon, a review

by Louisa Klein

There’s absolutely NOTHING I didn’t like about this movie. They didn’t show it at any cinemas near me, but I finally managed to watch on Amazon with a bunch of girlfriends of mine. And it was was just PEREFECT!!!
It’s about Brittany, a woman in her late twenties whose life’s going nowhere: She has only one toxic friend who exploits her whenever she can, a job she hates and a steadily declining health. At the beginning of the film, she goes to a local doctor because she can’t focus properly, hoping to get some meds that would make her high from time to time. The doctor, a good one, effuses to prescribe her anything and points out that she’s very overweight, has high cholesterol and blood pressure and other problems connected to her weight. He makes it clear that, if she doesn’t do something about it, she could get a heart attack soon; that’s how bad the situation is.
Until that moment, Brittany has let life happening to her, so to speak; the doctor’s call is a wake-up call and so she decides to finally react and takes things into her own hands. She can’t afford the gym, so she starts running and, while doing so, she connects to a number of people whom she’d never even talk to in other circumstances.
Time passes and she not only loses weight and, with physical health, also comes spiritual health: She gradually becomes more confident, more focused, finally ditches her toxic roommate and, although through trails and errors, manages to abandon some very negative attitudes that are cutting her off from people.
She was given an ideal weight by her doctor and, although gets very close to it, she never reaches it. And she’s fine with it, ultimately: Her goal was to get healthy, physically and mentally, not to get one of those unrealistic “perfect bodies” you see photoshopped on Instagram. She wanted to get stronger, to finish something, to accomplish something after a long time she hadn’t. And she did, finally running her marathon after having overcome a thousand obstacles and setbacks.
What I particularly liked about this movie, is that it’s all about self-worth and self-improvement, she doesn’t decide to improve her health to be accepted by society, to be “popular” or, even worse, to find a man. Brittany decides to improve her life only FOR HERSELF. Then, AND ONLY THEN, everything falls into place and she makes friends who actually cares for her, instead of using her, finds the creative job she caved and, yes, also finds a boyfriend who values her for WHO SHE IS AND NOT HOW SHE LOOKS.
A great, feminist movie delivering a fantastic, positive message. If you have a teen daughter, please make sure she watches it.

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Suko November 25, 2019 - 7:09 pm

This sounds like an incredible film. I’ve been interested in seeing it since I first heard about it. My own running has led to many benefits, which is why I keep going. Thank you for your terrific review! I will keep this in mind to watch via Amazon.

Lost in Fiction November 26, 2019 - 12:43 am

thank you! Sometimes low-budget movies are the best ones. No wonder you run, you look great!

Suko November 26, 2019 - 9:21 pm

Aw, thank you for your kind comment! I hope to watch this film over the long weekend. 🙂


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