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A Shout-out to my amazing matriarchal team!

by Louisa Klein

And here I am, fully recovered from my temporary endometriosis set back AND a nightmarish week spent pet sitting for my parents while catching up with work. Well, as they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you better. In my opinion, what doesn’t kill you leaves you with a set of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark humour, but that’s a story for another blog post.

THIS post is all about my small success as an indie author, having sold almost 3000 books in 6 months, (which to me is HUGE) and how a team of amazing women helped me to achieve it. So, sit back and buckle-up and be ready to be hit by a list of super-talented, kick-ass heroines. 

The first I’d like to thank with all my heart is my amazing editor and writing coach Lori Aronsohn. There are no words to describe how this lady helped me grow as a writer and a human being at the same time. She took my new series, THE WIZARD BROTHERS, to the next level and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She worked in PR and as a Hollywood writer for a long time and it shows whenever she gives me notes, advices or simply changes a meh sentence into an awesome one. Lori is now an award winning and super- established real estate agent, one of those who sell crazily expensive houses to the stars: In case you’re very rich and you’re interested in buying a mansion in Los Angeles, here’s the link to her company:


The second lady I’d like to thank is my marketer extraordinaire Rebecca Hamilton, helped by her amazing assistant Rochelle Maccarty. Rebecca isn’t only a NY Times bestseller urban fantasy writer, but also a very talented, professional and hardworking marketing consultant who too my books to the next level thanks to her precious advice and her many author services. I highly recommend her newsletter features, her book boost, her bookbub followers builder and, of course, her courses for indies. I’d like to add that she doesn’t only kick ass as a business woman, but she’s also the fantastic mum of five kids, all under the age of 14! I mean, is there anything this Wonder Woman can’t do? I suspect sleep through an entire night, but that’s just my wild guess… 

I put all her links below, her company’s, as well as her Amazon page:



Here’s Rochelle’s Facebook page, if you’re an author needing a kick ass PA, she’s your girl:


Let me also reiterate my undying gratitude to web designer and romance author Rene Folsom, who saved this website from oblivion. You can get all her links, as well as the full story of how she got mine and my blog’s back here.

Next in line are my two amazing artists, Ananda C. Arán and Lou Harper. 

Aranda did the amazing Header that you see here, as well as in ALL my other social media: I wanted a fantastical landscape with a Neverland feel and boy, if she gave me what I wanted! Plus, my pointer and my cat look amazing on that rock with me, don’t you think? Besides the fact that she’s Spanish but lives in London and she’s talented and professional, I don’t know much about her. But let’s focus on what’s important here: Talented and professional! If you need an artist to do covers, headers or pretty much anything else, especially if fantasy- related, she’s totally your girl! Here’s her website:


My other artist is Lou Harper, the one who did ALL the covers of my new series. If you’re an indie author who’s been in the game for a while, you certainly know her. If you’re a newbie, we’ll check her out, she’s done lots of covers for successful indies and bestselling authors and she’s super affordable! Go check her out, I promise you won’t regret it! Here’s her website: 

Last but no least, I’d like to thank fantasy author and indie publisher Margo Bond Collins just for… being her. 
Who’s Margo? A misplaced Texan who’s a hard-core feminist, anti-Trump and pro gun control. She makes me laugh daily, posting hilarious, nerdish  memes as well as even more hilarious comments on men’s profiles stalking her on Tinder. I didn’t think such people could exist in Texas, I was clearly prejudiced and with a lot of stereotypes still bussing in my head: Thank you Margo for helping me getting rid of those! Below the link to her website:


So, I think I haven’t missed anyone. Thank you all. Isn’t it fantastic when women help each other and lift each other up, instead of bitching about each other and seeing each other as enemies/competitors? Together, we’re such a powerful force, girls, think about the metoo movement or the less recent suffragette movement! No man is worth your dignity and your girlfriends ladies, just please always remember that!

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