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Endometriosis kicked my ass this past week.

by Louisa Klein

Hi guys and sorry for my absence here (I’m sure you were struggling without me, didn’t you?) But I kind of had a tough week.

I have a lot of cool updates and I was looking forward to share them with you, but then had to deal with two of my four pets being very ill, work, going back to college and then … endometriosis.

Yes, that bitch truly kicked my ass these past seven days and she isn’t done yet. If you’re a woman, you probably have an idea of what endometriosis is, if you’re a man, you’re likely to be clueless (but let me point out that I know about prostate problems, so why don’t you know about this?) anyway, here’s a link which explains pretty well what is is:


I’m lucky because, after my second surgery, I was given a diet that keeps it very much under control and prevents it from spreading, but still. Said diet is so strict, that it very much affects my social life (almost impossible to go out for dinner, for example) and there are days where fatigue is unbearable and to do things I have to go into a sort of autopilot mode. Two to five days per month, I just stay in bed, getting out only to take my dogs for a wee. I’ll talk about it more extensively in another post, if you’re interested, telling you extensively what it is, how I fight it and how I live with it. For now, I’m taking this one Sunday to clean my place and catch up with friends and I’m positive that, tomorrow, after a good night sleep, ill be back in action ready to kick some asses (including endometriosis’) and tell you all about my updates and wonderful collaboration. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and may the force be with you!

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