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A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Review

by Louisa Klein

Disclaimer: this is, by all means, a story for children. Just like the original books (whose reading level is rated as 3-6) and the film, this Netflix reboot is aimed at a younger audience. And be aware that when I say “for children” I don’t mean like Harry Potter, which was of course for children, but had some actual content that very well could engage mature audience. I really mean just for children, with childish humour, B dimensional characters with no background nor back story whatsoever, as well as silly situations, such as Count Olaf living on the ‘dark side’ of the road and in an inhabitable, rotten mansion, only because he is “evil”. If all of the above does not bother you and you are, say, as childish as I am, then please, do not, absolutely DO NOT miss this new Netflix series based on the book series of the same name.
This is a delicious Gothic romp that will charm you and entertain you for hours. It’s totally does justice to the books I swear! If you are a fan of this series, you probably saw the film released in 2004 starring Jim Carrie as Count Olaf. Well, that was good, at least I personally enjoyed it, but it wasn’t nearly as good as this new TV series. Really, Netflix people you are my heroes! Any chance that you’d like to adapt one of my books and turn it into a series?? Yes? No? Anyway, let’s get back to our review …
The writing here is top-notch and not only because this series is based on the excellent books Daniel Handler: the screenwriters here are really outstanding artists who not only gave the story a very entertaining flavour, but also managed to perfectly recreate the original books’atmosphere. The visuals are gorgeous, as well as the old fashion costumes : when the pastel-coloured Baudelaires receive the news of their parents death, they stand out sharply against their grey, ashen world. The actors are all outstanding and believable in their roles, whether they are children or adults; needless to say, Neil Patrick Harris stands out as Count Olaf (he’s also one of the show’s producers).
So, what more can I say? You shouldn’t miss this! In case you’ve watched it, please tell me if you liked it or not and why. Stay tuned for my next review supernatural nerds! See you on Wednesday!

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