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Zombies Versus Aliens, Versus Vampires, Versus Dinosaurs

by Louisa Klein
I stumbled upon “Zombies Versus Aliens Versus Vampires, Versus Dinosaurs”  by chance, since on Amazon was among the ‘also bought’ of my first urban fantasy “Supernatural Freak”. I often have a look at my also bought, partly because I love to know my readers better, partly because I of course like my books, so I assume that I will like the books bought by my readers.
So, to cut a long story short, that’s how I found this amazing novel.
This book is so cleverly stupid, that it would be a crime to miss it for any nerd with a decent sense of humour. And even if you aren’t a nerd, but have humour, I strongly believe you should read this story.
Zombies versus Aliens is a quirky sci-if with a dash of horror, since it also features zombies, vampires and a vampire slayer who happens to also be the First Lady, I mean, how cool is that?
Jeff Abugov is a TV writer who worked, among other things, at one of my favourite shows ever: Two and a Half Men, the last sitcom with bitter sarcasm and actual satire, before conservative networks turned sitcoms into a concentrate of cheesy banalities highlighted by laugh tracks.Be prepared to find in this book the same snarky humour we enjoyed in Men, only even less politically correct, actually, forget about politically correctness, you won’t find any in this story! J Zombies versus Vampires is a fun ride on a global scale, with lots of action, humour and smart, very often deep jokes that will entertain you and maybe even make you think a little, in spite of its apparent stupid jokes.
Info about the author:
Jeff Abugov graduated from Concordia University Film School in Montreal where his two student films won national awards at the Canadian Student Film Festival. He began his professional career writing freelance for the NBC hit Cheers, for which he eventually became a staff writer and then story editor. He served as executive story editor on The Golden Girls, then went on to write and produce such hit shows as Roseanne and Two and a Half Men. He served as executive producer of Roc and Grace Under Fire, and the animated series Fugget About It.
He also wrote and directed the feature film The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, starring David Hyde Pierce and Carmen Electra. He has received a Golden Globe Award, a Peabody Award, and three People’s Choice Awards, as well as being nominated for a Humanitas Prize, a Canadian Screen Award, and a second Golden Globe. ​
​After having achieved success writing and producing within the Hollywood system, doing as he’s told and playing nice, Jeff has at long last decided to let his imagination run rampant and do it his own way . . . and he’s having a blast!
He hopes you’re having as much fun reading his stories as he’s been having writing them. ​
To know more, please visit Mr Abugov’s website and social media:
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JeffAbugov
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeffabugov/
Website: http://www.jeffabugov.com
To buy Zombies Versus Aliens, simply click on the cover below:


Oh, there are also dinosaurs. I forgot to tell you about the dinosaurs. Don’t miss this book, trust me.

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