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Brexit or not Brexit? This is the question …

by Louisa Klein

So her I am and here we are. Referendum day. Maybe Brexit day, although this is just a consulting referendum so, in the end, the British government will do what it wants.
Anyway, today is the day when Brits are called to choose between civilisation and going back to being Medieval Little England with Farage and Johnson acting as a makeshift King and queen (I’ll let to your imagination decide who’s the queen of the couple). Today, the UK decides if staying in Europe and keep giving its contribution to its growth, or withdrawing its membership and turned into the set of the sequel to “V for Vendetta”. This referendum campaign has really showed the darkest side of England: provincial, obtuse and racist.
Supporters of the Leave campaign speak like pure racists; I spoke to one yesterday and he told me that, was he in charge, he’d shoot illegal immigrant on the spot. I asked him what he meant with ‘illegal’ and he said ‘Eu immigrants’. Which is complete nonsense. You might not know it if you’re American, but one of the pillars of the EU is that EU citizens can freely move and work across Europe, so EU immigrants are perfectly legal immigrants.
I feel very emotional about Europe, because of my father’s family history. They were all forced to flee across Europe to escape the Nazismus and the Russian invasion, they ran for their lives. A minority of people helped them, most treated them like outcasts, “illegal immigrants”. Europe was torn apart by the II WW and there was very little room for compassion and friendship, all people wanted was to think for themselves, protect themselves so be able to live another day.
When the war finally ended, my family could finally stop running and, like everyone else, all they wanted was peace and a way to guarantee it.
The Treaty of Rome of 1957 built the first pillar on which the EU was founded. Europe wanted to be one, to get along, to stop fighting. And stop for good. A big Union was the answer: Creating the EU was key to keep peace in Europe for so long. So that there wouldn’t be any more EU citizens forced out of their homes, forced to flee for their lives, like my relatives. All EU citizens have the same, inalienable rights and duties. That’s why I believe it’s crazy, short-sighted and plain obtuse to withdraw from the EU. Oh, it would also be a total financial disaster, considering that Britain will be kicked out of the biggest single market in the world. So, be sensible and vote REMAIN. PLEASE.

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