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by Louisa Klein

I know, I know. I haven’t been posted lately but it’s because lots and lots has been going on. Like I’ve been writing like crazy. And NOT ONLY BOOK 3, NO! There’s a lot boiling on the stove people, not saying anything yet, but please stay tuned!
As for my current series updates, since Supernatural Freak hasn’t been promoted much lately, I have decided to run a nice blog tour to promote it, so that people will know about it and maybe buy Supernatural Fog as well. But, as I have said, I’m on a tight writing schedule, so I really didn’t have the time to organise eveything myself. THANK GOD I’VE FOUND  SARA SLATTERY OF YOUNG ADULT BOUND BOOK TOURS! She was my dea ex machina, so to say, a real life-saviour! She organised the whole tour very efficiently and for a very reasonable sum of money, I totally recommend her! My book tour has just kicked-off, and I’m pleased to say that have already had a couple of amazing reviews!  To visit al my stops, just head to my YA BOUND BOOK TOUR PAGE and leave read and leave a comment!

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