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Guest post by Antoinette J. Houston

by Louisa Klein

And back I am! Actually, we are, since I’m posting another guest post, people! And it’s all about reading and writing, the power of words, folks! 😉 by author in progress Antoinette J. Houston
(twitter: @1975Okame)
Enjoy!!! 🙂
I’ve always had a vivid imagination. Watching shows and taking bits and pieces from them to make them more about me. Anything to get me out of the humdrum of normal life. I started with comics. Stealing books from my dad’s collection up in the attic. Where I learned about mutants and magic. X-men and the Avengers. I went through his whole stash before I started collecting my own. Then we hit hard times and being too young to have a job at the time, my dad told me to ‘go read a book’.
My favorite Genre is Urban Fantasy. The idea of having magic exist in modern day would be so cool! The love for this Genre came about when I read Ariel by Steven R. Boyett. I loved that book. Who wouldn’t? It’s got action and adventure, the modern world being put in its place as magic forcefully overthrows science. Electronics ceases to works along with weapons of mass destruction. Back to swords and bows. On top of it all a side kick Unicorn with a vocabulary that can make a sailor blush.
Piers Anthony is also one of my favorites, he mixed fantasy and puns. Hilarious. The Xaneth series, I’ve been waiting for those books to be made into movies or shows for the longest. He would have a following like none other. Puns came to life and made the adventures of life and death actually fun. My first brush with a lot of the strange mythical beasts.
They were the beginning of my need to write. Starting with more or less coming up with alternate universes where I was the main character and then my parents got us a Brother word processor. And as they say: ‘That’s all she wrote’. Literally. I burned through stacks of floppy disks until we got our first Tandy. Then my first story came to life. A never ending story that I wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote again for almost 20 years. It finally saw the light of day in 2014 when I was on the verge of turning 40. I grew up with my first published story. Red Summer morphed and changed with the times. And as soon as it was done, it gave birth to a sequel and now has a third soon to follow. I have other stories ready to be printed, of which I am writing pretty much all at the same time. A Space Opera (think Star Wars) a three part series called Mostly Human. A two part Epic Fantasy called Wonderlost of which is still being worked over and another three part series of which I have yet to figure what its Genre is. Once I figure out what it is then I’ll add it to the growing list.

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