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Writing updates!

by Louisa Klein

Hi guys! I know, it’s been a month since my latest post. But you know what? I’ve been busy! Busy writing! Unfortunately, due to my eyes hating my pc screen, I can stay in front of it only so many hours per day. Considering that I use to watch tv too, you’ll see how blogging has to be reduced (I prefer writing my books, obviously!). I want to share with you y writing plans, to be more motivated and so that you can kind of keeping me in check, in case I mess-up:
1)      Finish book 3 in Freak series by June (and publish it in July). OK, this is an ambitious goal. I’m not sure I’ll succeed, but I SWEAR I’ll do my best to try! 🙂
2)      Finish 5 short stories for a blog newsletter (already 2 written!) in July as well
3)      Publish 2 Supernatural Freak novellas in August
4)      In September, assuming the above 5 stories are enough long (but they should) I’d like to collect them in a low-cost book
By September, I should have enough writing under my belt to be able to catch my breath ( and have a few bucks back in my pockets in royalties) and seat to write the NEW IDEA which, assuming again nothing terrible happens to me, my parents don’t get the black plague, a hurricane doesn’t destroy their house etc, should keep me occupied until December.
What’s this new idea? A SECRET, OF COURSE! 🙂
If you’d like to stay in touch more often, I highly recommend you start following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where I mini-blog on a daily basis! And now off to writing! But first, let me shamelessly promote my books, just click on the wonderful covers to buy them!!!:))) :
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