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Who are you?

by Louisa Klein

No, seriously. I want to know who you are. A fair amount of people visit this website every day, STILL, the only one who comments is Susan Ortlieb. And she has this awesome blog where she gets lots of comments while I haven’t oh My God that’s so unfair why on Earth … OK. Take a deep breath. I know that I’m not nearly as cool as Susan, I know. BUT I CAN BE COOL. Not in a conventional way, obviously, but I can be a weird/quirky/eccentric sort of cool, if you know what I mean.
Besides, are you cool? Or are you more of a PIPAN (pathologically introverted, pathetically awkward nerd)? You know, like, totally messed up. But IN A GOOD WAY. If you, like me, are a PIPAN then you, like me, probably believe that it’s easier to talk to people on the internet than in person (remember? We’re pathetic) then why AREN’T YOU LEAVING A COMMENT ON MY BLOG? Come on. Don’t be shy.
If you’re not a nerd but a normal person, again, I can be cool in a weird sort of way. Let me tell you a little about me: I love the Middle Ages and Latin, but also Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spider Man. I write fantasy books starring an awkward heroine who’s also super kick-ass, like Buffy, and they’re set in London and full of British wizards and witches, just like Harry Potter.
Here are the Amazon links to both books, just click on those amazing covers (both by Regina Wamba)
Portrait of beautiful woman with blue eyes. Isolated on white background
See? Kind of cool, eh? Now, what about you? What do you do? Are you here because you read my books, or just because you’re interested in the many authors I interviewed over the years? Here below a few examples:
Isabel Allende
Janet Evanovich
Rosamunde Pilcher
Or maybe you’ve just stumbled upon this website and you’re now reading this and wondering who’s this weird girl ranting on the internet … OK. Take another deep breath. I can be all grown-up, if I want to. It takes a MASSIVE effort, but I can. I can be grown-up and polite. Sooo … here we are:
Dear Old or New Visitor, would you please be so kind to leave a comment and tell me a little about you? Thanks in advance  for you time and consideration,
All Grown-Up Louisa

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