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My Patronus is a filofax

by Louisa Klein

So, you know when you feel exhausted and demotivated? When you’re working your butt off to make things happen, but they don’t? That’s when you really feel helpless and frustrated. And super-low.
I was feeling that way, yesterday. Why? Well, as I said, I’m working like crazy at the following:

  • Second pass of Supernatural Fog with Secret Amazing Editor;
  • Cool formatting of the new edition of Supernatural Freak (with free new content) with the talented Formatting Fairies;
  • Organising my Supernatural Fog blog tour in January and February and if you’re reading this and you’re a blogger interested, please leave a comment below and I’ll give you a shout);
  • Preparing for a new writing job which I know I will LOVE and I’m already very excited about;

So, my cup is rather full, eh? It is. And when you work and work and nothing seems to be moving forward you feel stuck. Yesterday, after dealing with the tenth problem, I felt like a victim of a Harry Potter dementor. You know, those evil creatures who suck all the happiness out of you and you feel empty and desperate, like you’ll never be happy again. So, I needed a patronus, but couldn’t think of one, let alone summon one and totally felt like Nevill … Then, miracle! My Patronus summoned itself. You heard me. The door bell rang. It was a courier. From the Filofax company. Which brings us back to my Patronus: it has the shape of a colourful Filofax planner, I tell you! J Actually, it has the shape of Four colourful Filofaxes, A5 Domino Patent Organisers!
Here they are, fresh out of the box, waiting to be filled with organised awesomeness. Aren’t they cool? Believe me, the dementors are still running, no, floating away terrified by these amazing fluo colours and patterns.
Look here, I’ve also treated myself with an awesome metallic puncher, so that I can use whatever scrap paper I want to fill the Filofaxes!
I will use one for business, one for my blog, another for book 3 of the Super Freak series and the fourth, the pink one … For a super-secret project I won’t tell you anything about, since it’s just in my head for now, haven’t even jotted down a few notes. But I will. Soon. As soon as Supernatural Fog will be out and I will be able to catch my breath a little. So, talking about being organised! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll get so much more done, with these babies on my side! What’s your secret to be organised? Feel free to share it in the comments, especially if you’re a writer!

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