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Merry Xmas!

by Louisa Klein

Merry Xmas you all, wherever you are and whoever you are!
Merry Xmas if you like my books, merry Xmas if you don’t like them.
Merry Xmas if you’re Christian.
Merry Xmas if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Shintoist or if you simply believe in God.
Merry Xmas even if you don’t believe in God or anything else.
Merry Xmas if you’re lonely.
Merry Xmas if you’re in good company.
Merry Xmas if you’re in bad company (in that case, consider to get lonely, it’s a valuable option). Merry Xmas if you like dreams and stories and dream over a story.
Merry Xmas if you think that stories are all bullshit and you’d rather study Math, or do something more practical.
Merry Xmas if you’re making love to your partner right now.
Merry Xmas if you’re looking for a life partner, good luck with that! Don’t ever give up!
A VERY Merry Xmas if you’re vegan or vegetarian.
Merry Xmas even if you’re an omnivorous/ carnivore, but please at least consider going vegan, other animals have a heart too, you know.
Bottom line: MERRY XMAS TO YOU ALL, HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY OR GING TO BE HAPPY VERY SOON! Here’s for you the usual Xmas card from and by Suzy Jane Tanner.

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