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Blogger Spotlight!

by Louisa Klein

To call her a blogger, is probably reductive. Jenny Lawson is more than a blogger, is a blog goddess, no wonder her blog is called “Bloggess”. She’s also an outstanding, funny writer who manages to speak about mental illness in a funny, entertaining way while underlining what a TOUGH, DIFFICULT DISEASE IT IS.
Jenny is an absurdly talented journalist and a humorous writer who teaches people to embrace their own flaws (unless, of course, we’re talking being an ass: PLEASE, DO NOT EMBRACE THAT!) and be happy with whom they are.  Her blog is a mine of funny and interesting stuff, above all for people like me, she being super-bookish and a total nerd, best friend with Will Wheaton and Neil Gaiman, to give you the picture …
Having a mental illness herself, she reassures others with the same problem that it’s OK to be crazy and that, when properly managed with the aid of doctors, shrinks and medications, a mental illness can actually be a window on a new world. No, more a window placed in a weird, unexpected place that makes you see the world in a totally different and intriguing way.
I read Furiously Happy in two sittings and I’m looking forward to reviewing it and to reading more by and about this amazing lady (a crazy cat lady, of course!). She’s fragile and tough at the same time, sad and funny and happy but always, ALWAYS inspiring. So, what are you waiting for? Go read her blog and her books, then tell me what you think! Here’s the link to her latest book:

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