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Blogger spotlight: Susan MacMartin

by Louisa Klein

You know how it is, when you’re introduced to some stunning beautiful girl that makes you feel even more nerdish than you’re already are? Usually, a female ‘s first reaction is “yes, she’s attractive, but I bet she’s a goose” then she starts talking and you find out that she’s funny, has a degree from a prestigious university, maybe even a PHD … And you’re like “What the hell? Isn’t there any justice in this world?”
Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I discovered Susan MacMartin’s blog. She looks like Megan Fox and is also smart, talented and funny.
You might not have heard her name before, although you’re likely to know her work, since she’s an established Hollywood writer who worked at very popular shows such as Gary Unmarried, Californication. I believe that TV writers should have more recognition so, whenever I watch an episode of a show that I particularly like, I go and check who wrote it. That’s how I found out about Ms MacMartin.
When I started reading her blog, I was expecting something light and glamorous, maybe with some Hollywood gossip here and there. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I started reading her, Ms MacMartin was a struggling writer, fighting every day to make ends meet.
After having worked at a number of popular shows, all of a sudden, she couldn’t find any more work. Just like that. And Hollywood writers are paid much less than we think, so no work means running out of money very quickly, and maybe even lose your health insurance. Which is tragic for anybody, but especially for a single mum with a little girl, like Susan was at the time.
The more I read her blog, the more I thought that, well, if she could do it, so could I. I mean, I only had a sick dog who wouldn’t sleep, very little work and a book that I couldn’t finish, right? She was in a much worse situation so, if she could make it, so could I! She HAD to make it. I kept reading her, hoping for the best. Unfortunately, things got worse and worse for her and her daughter. At a point, she was selling second hand clothes for cash, she didn’t have any money to buy fuel for her car. Then, she was about to lose her insurance. At a point, completely down and exasperated, she decided to give up. And I was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
But what else could she do? She had to stop writing. For good. She couldn’t get any work anymore. She could barely feed her daughter, let alone start a college fund for her! She needed a plan B. She thought of becoming a shop assistant or a hair dresser assistant, maybe. Anything, to put the bread on the table for her daughter. OK, problem was that her little girl was the first who didn’t want her to quit; “I’m so proud when I tell people that you’re a writer!” she protested. “That’s what you are!”
All Susan’s friends agreed with her daughter, filling Susan’s blog with indignant comments, every time she declared she wanted to quit. “YOU CANNOT GIVE UP!” “YOU’RE TOO TALENTED; HANG IN THERE!” “SOMETHING WILL COME UP!”
“Yes, stop the nonsense, lady, you cannot do this to me!” I thought every time I went to read her blog. Please, don’t give up, don’t, don’t … She HAD to make it. I mean, she couldn’t let me down like that, could she???
Ms MacMartin went through a lot, growing up fatherless and with an alcoholic mother (she wrote a book about it, you can buy it here). In spite of her tough life, she managed to accomplish a lot, becoming an established Hollywood writer who worked at a number of famous shows, making people laugh and forget their problems, even if just for a little while.
I, on the other hand, was only a stupid pen monkey (with sober parents much smarter than me) who couldn’t even finish her second book. If someone as tough as talented as Susan could fail, than I was hopeless. I kept crossing my fingers while reading her misadventures, reading that she didn’t have any money to put fuel in her car, that she was clueless about her future and her daughter’s. I really wanted to show her my solidarity, but still thought that maybe it would be inappropriate, since we didn’t know each other, not even ‘online’. What can I say? I’m hopelessly shy and introverted.
Well, I’m glad to say that, just when I thought all hope was lost for her (and me) ta daaa! She got a job! A WRITING JOB! And not for any show, for TWO AND A HALF MEN, one of the most popular TV shows at the time (now sadly cancelled, I’m still grieving …). Shortly after, she sold a screenplay she had waited 10 years to sell! It got turned into a brilliant movie starring Eddie Murphy, yay! I’m looking forward to seeing it. After that, good news keep coming in, as if the Universe was sort of eager to compensate her for the bad times. She met a super-hot guy playing in a rock bad (no, really?) with amazing abs and also 8 years younger than her (I told you she was smart…) and said guy proposed to her a few months later!
In the meantime, against all odds I finished the second book of the Supernatural Freak series, sorted my poor dog and even managed to find a few freelance writing jobs here and there. And when I thought nothing of the above would ever happen. Like never ever. That’s what I call a happy ending. For her. I’m still waiting for the guy with the abs, Universe!
Anyway, THANK YOU, MS MACKMARTIN FOR YOUR BLOG AND YOUR WRITING! They kept me company and kept me going while I was going through a difficult time. I do hope to help someone in the same way, one day.  Also, in case your fiancé has a younger brother, please do let me know …

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