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by Louisa Klein

Susan Ortlieb is the smart lady behind the award-winning blog Suko’s Notebook. I “met” her online when I had just started blogging in 2010. She was kind enough to take part to a couple of online events I organised, then gave me 100% support when my first book came out, at the end of 2012.
Susan was, and still is, a constant inspiration to better myself. She’s a very educated lady with a family and a job who, in spite of all that, manages to read (mostly literary fiction) and blog about it, always in a clever, profound way.
But her blog isn’t only about books. If you have a look, you’ll find tasty recipes, gardening tips, short stories, photo of her husband’s reading piles, guest posts, interviews, posts about unusual words … To cut it short, you’ll find all sort of stuff on her blog. In fact, I’d say her blog is the best antidote against boredom. I recommend to stay away from it, if you suffer of insomnia and are looking for something dull to make you go to sleep DON’T VISIT HER BLOG AT NIGHT! You’ll get caught in a spiral of eclectic, interesting posts linked to one another and leading to more interesting posts about books and California and life style and more books … You’ll never go to sleep again. Never ever.
I will never thank Susan enough for her support, she always comments on my blog (I read hers, but rarely comments since I AM HOPELESSLY LAZY SHAME ON ME!), she gave priceless blogging tips when I was starting. Honestly, follow her blog, you won’t regret it! 🙂

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