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by Louisa Klein

This was supposed to be a cheerful post. A blogger spotlight post, where I’d thank one of the many bloggers I like/follow/have supported me during my own writing/blogging journey. Instead, here I am mourning for the most beautiful city in the world, where my mother grew up, where I still have relatives we cannot reach after hours and hours passed on the phone.  According to Hollande, the intervention of France in Syria was meant to prevent any terrorist attack on French soil. Well done Hollande, you surely nailed it!
I was supposed to go Paris tomorrow. If I had left a few hours earlier, I could be injured or dead now. My thoughts and prayers are for those who are there now, no matter if they’re French citizens or simple tourists. My prayers go to those who have just lost someone in the most terrible, cruel, unexpected way. There are no words to say how I feel,  how worried and shocked I am. #prayforparis

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