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by Louisa Klein

GUUUUUUYS!!!!! I’m BAAAACK! I’ve gone through all sort of crap in the last two years, culminating with my website being hacked and staying down for a MONTH! Now, back on the saddle with website back on (and new website on its way) and all sort of exciting stuff going on.

First and foremost, I can give you some EXCELLENT NEWS! So, drum roll please … SUPERNATURAL FOG IS FINISHEEEEED! 106.000 WORDS guys! It took me two years to write it, while dealing with all sort of problems and obstacles I will write about in the next, VERY long post  but I’ll do it later, since what counts is thatI’m finally here. WE are here. Yes, because I wouldn’t have made it without your support. In the past 2 years I received dozens of emails of fans of the Supernatural Freak series, asking me about the sequel and encouraging me. I also had fantastic beta readers, thank you!  Now, finally Supernatural Fog is with the editor who, happens to be … MORE drum roll please … Suspense … A HOLLYWOOD TV PRODUCER! Yes, folks, you read it right! I have a seasoned producer (also a former editor) who’s editing my book. Now, you might be wondering how I got a TV producer to edit my stuff. How did I do it? Did I blackmail her? Did I have connections who convinced her to do it? NO and NO! She accepted to do it simply because …She liked my work. Yep, you’ve got it. She LOVED IT. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’M BRAGGING.

So, just to recap: Supernatural Fog is FINISHED; VERY SOON I’ll have a RELEASE DATE, so STAY TUNED! In the meantime, enjoy the cover, look forward to my book and be happy for me! 🙂 (and for yourself, of course) :)))))


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