So, yesterday in the US was Thanksgiving Day. Now, obviously here in Europe we don’t have it, but still, it made me think about what I’m grateful for these days. I really gave it a thought yesterday, while I was working with my colleague Bruce to organise the Supernatural Fog’s blog tour. So, here ‘s a list of important things I’m grateful for:


  • I’m grateful that, in spite of all the problems and obstacles, I finished the second Supernatural Freak book, the most exciting story I’ve ever written (I know, I’m biased, but try to understand …)
  • I’m grateful that I found, practically stumbled upon, the most amazing editor ever!
  • I’m grateful that, in spite the long blogging hiatus, this website still kick butts and has new readers every day (I will set up a subscribe button as soon as I give this blog a makeover, wait and see!)
  • I’m grateful for all the amazing support and even excitement I got from the blogging community, even from people who hadn’t even read my books or heard of Lost in fiction before, you’re amazing, thank you!
  • I’m thankful that I’m getting an office in a creative co-working space, with an amazing desk I’m currently decorating and organising. I won’t be able to go every day, but be sure I will make those days I go count!
  • I’m grateful that I’m taking online courses and reading articles from other bloggers and online entrepreneurs, to be able to be a better organised, efficient and effective blogger and copywriter.

So here it is. What else can I say? Wait and see, I will make this blog rock!! 😉 I need some humour to close this post, so enjoy a nice clip from the Addams 2, the film. What are you grateful for, this year?


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