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by Louisa Klein

Hello Fiction-Fans! How are you all? Enjoying life? Reading a good book? Watching an awesome movie? I hope so! Just very quickly I’d like to share with you something awesome that has happened to me lately. If you read my previous posts, you know I’ve had a very tough year and had to face all sort of difficulties which greatly affected my writing. Of course, when you have to deal with major problems, finishing a novel or starting a new one isn’t your priority any more.

Well, now that at least I’ve solved SOME of the challenges I had to face and have restarted blogging and writing, I’ve realised how much work I need doing in a VERY SHORT TIME and started feeling very frustrated. Now, I know I can write (and in 4 different languages!) because I got, and still get paid for it. I had my first copyright job when I was 17 and always managed to pay my bills with my writing, so I know I don’t totally suck at it (although non-fiction writing and fiction are entirely two different things).
Still, when one has written a decent fantasy book (47 4 star reviews on Amazon) and is looking forward to putting out the second in the series AND HAS NO TIME TO DO IT PROPERLY UNLESS STOPS SLEEPING AT NIGHT, well then one (aka me) gets frustrated and angry and, obviously, very sleepy. I mean, it’s nearly 2 a.m in London and I’m writing my blog, just to give you the idea!

Anyway, eager to vent my frustration, I reached out to other writers in forums and websites for frustated writers. There, I explained my problems and asked for support. I went a lot on Goodreads groups since, after having whined a bit, I could started talking about books and have some constructive conversation with some very clever people. I did it for about a month, then realised that, instead of whining, the best thing to do was to pull myself together and make a plan to restart working properly, if not in full force. I stayed away from Goodreads for good reasons (working, instead of ranting).

Then, on Friday I met-up with some ex colleagues. We ended-up talking about work, as we always do. Specifically, we talked a lot about social media and their impact on our jobs (we’re all freelance writers). I was about to say something like “I know I haven’t posted much on my social media, but I’m trying to make-up for it, got a lot going on and …” when my frined Steve turned to me and said: “I saw your Goodreads profile and you’re doing a hell of a job with it! Tell us, what’s your secret? I mean, over 2100 followers!”

I blinked and stared at him as if he was an alien. He was mistaken. For sure. I had 51 followers on Goodreads, not over 2000. I was actually very proud of my 51, since each one of them had read Supernatural Freak and liked it. But over 2000? No way, only established indies could count on such a number of followers, not I … I quickly extracted my smartphone and had a look and … Steve was right. I had 2107 followers, not 51.


My jaw dropped. And, guess what? I recognised many names from the forums I visited during my whining mood. Incredible, eh? The writing and reading online community is really AWESOME! All I asked was a little online support, nothing ore than a virtual “pat on the back”. What I gained, instead, was an extra 2056 followers/fans on Goodreads! Cool eh? And totally unexpected, so also an awesome surprise. A surprise hatboosted my confidence and encourage me to keep working and do the best I can, since there areover 2000 people out there who are now receiving my posts and updates on their feeds and who are likely to be waiting for Supernatural Fog … Yeah, no pressure, right? 😉 Now … Back to the Writing Cave! 🙂 In the meantime, if you want to become my follower on Goodread, here’s the link, feel free to join the club! 😉 https://www.goodreads.com/author/dashboard

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