by Louisa Klein

This is the first post of a new series I want to call ‘blogger spotlight’ (I know, not very original, but to the point, if you know what I mean). Here, I will promote blogs that I like aand find useful. Please note that MOST of the bloggers I will feature here DIDN’T REVIEW MY BOOK, so this is NOT a way to flatter bloggers who reviewed it positively, some of the bloggers I will talk about AREN’T EVEN BOOK BLOGGERS. So, no hidden agenda here, just genuine gratitude/admiration.
Why will I be doing this? Let’s see: I started blogging in November 2010, right after the most painful breakup ever. I was already six months into Supernatural Freak’s first draft and I was determined to finish it no matter what, especially after my beloved ex had told me that I would ‘never finish a novel, nor accomplish anything with my fiction writing’. In spite of me being VERY motivated, because of the way I felt (really low and sad), everything went in slow motion and I felt like a powerful locomotive forced to go up a difficult rise. At the time I was a junior media consultant in the biggest press agency in the UK. One of my jobs, was to create and manage various companies’ blogs and newsletters, writing a lot of promotional content. So, one day I woke up and told myself: why don’t I start my own blog and share my passions and write what I really care about? GREAT IDEA! And how shall I call it? It took me five seconds to find the name ‘Lost in Fiction’. The perfect name for the blog of a fiction junkie who gets so involved in good stories and books, that one day nearly got run over by a car while she was reading in the street (TRUE STORY!).
Once I had the blog and started writing it, the next step was to contact other bloggers for advice, mutual promotion, online events and stuff. I was amazed by their kindness and support, considering that I was a total stranger leaving across the ocean/the other side of the world (all my online friends are American bloggers and a couple of Asian). Nearly five years after starting my blogging journey, I’d simply like to thank them properly so, stay tuned! Every Saturday come here and have a look! You might discover some cool blogs you’ve never heard before!

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