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Laura Elizabeth Ingalls's birthday

by Louisa Klein

Hello Fiction-Fans, sorry for my absence (again!), but my dog isn’t 100% well again and still has some problems sleeping (and I with him … I WANT TO SLEEEP!!!). Also, I’ve been busy writing Supernatural Fog. So busy, that next week you’ll have a RELEASE DATE!! YES!
I’m writing this post to celebrate Laura Elizabeth Ingalls’s birthday (she was born on 7th February 1867), author of the “The Little House’ series of books, on which was based the popular tv show we’e all seen at least once. I’m celebrating Ms Ingalls becaue she was one of the first women of the modern era who managed to support themselves (and their families) with their writing. Laura started as a journalist, publishing a column on the ‘Ruralist”, called ” “As a Farm Woman Thinks,” which got very popular, very quickly. Only later on, when she was already in her forties and ecouraged by her only daughter, she started writing about her childhood in a pioneer family. Those memoirs then became the popular books we all know about. Whether you read her books, or only  short biography on the internet, you know that she went through all sort of hardships during her life, but nothing could bend her, not even the death of her only son when he was only a few months old. She is a great example to all of us and an inspiration. So, if you’re going through hard times, please do not lose hope: hang in there, resist: I promise that the storm will pass eventually.
I dedicate this post to all women who juggle their job and their family’s duties, to all women who support their families on their own and to all storyteller who never give up: you’re not only’good’ YOU ARE AWESOME!

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