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Merry Xmas!

by Louisa Klein

Happy Xmas everybody! May this day bring you joy, love and good luck.  If you’re Jewish, Hannukah has just passed (ended  on Xms eve this year!) and I hope you all received lots of presents and wasnt too bothered by your Jewis mamas! ;). Being half German, I’m a total Xmas geek and this is, for me, the best time of the year. To celebrate, this year I offer you a stunning Xmas card by world-wide famous Suzy Jane Tanner, an amazingly talented children’s author and illustrator. There you go:
Highclere Christmas
This illustration is taken from  ‘The World of Finse’ series, by Karine Hagen and illustrated by Suzy. The story is about a labrador puppy determined to see the world who travels through Europe, Russia and China (for now). At the moment, 4 amazing books are available. If you’re a fan  of Beatrix Potter, you MUST buy this series!
Here’s a video starring Suzy talking about the project:

Here’s the link to buy the books: http://finse.me/store/

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