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Happy Monday!

by Louisa Klein

Hello Fiction-Fans! This year I had to cope with a lot of changes and had to overcome a number of difficult situations but guess what? What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger and, in my case, also made my writing style better! 🙂 So, in spite of everything that was thrown at me, I am still here blogging and about to finish Supernatural Fog  and to celebrate this, I want to spread some awesomeness around.  I know how Mondays can be tough and depressing and I want to do something about it! 🙂 As I mentioned in my recent vlog  , I travelled a bit through Europe last summer (and I’m about to be on the road again). During my wondering, I bumped into this AMAZING Italian photographer  Paolo Brunetti (check his Flickr here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobr/)  who kindly agreed to share his photos with us, taken during his trips all over the world. Originally from Tuscany, he of course loves to shoot his own beautiful land so here I am, wishing you a HAPPY MONDAY with this wonderful photo of a Tuscan field scorched by the summer sun and dotted with poppies! Enjoy!

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