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Lorhainne Eckhart for Lost in Romance

by Louisa Klein

1) Why Romance? Did you choose this genre or were you ‘chosen’ by it?
That is a very interesting question. The first novel I wrote was picked
up by a publisher, it was a contemporary military romance. My publisher
made a lot of changes as they said it read too much like men’s fiction
and not enough romance in it. At the time I didn’t wanted to be labelled
as just another romance writer. My books are not a typical sort of
romance, if there is such a thing anymore. The Outsider Series, which
started with the Amazon Bestseller, The Forgotten Child is similar to
“Longmire meets Dallas.” As far as romance goes, every book I write is
about love, all about romance, real life issues. But then when I really
looked at the industry and other authors in different genres, what I
began to understand is many novels out there have an element of romance
in them even though they aren’t slotted in that genre. But love makes
the world go around. So in round about way I believe romance chose me.
2) Is there a romance author, living or dead, who inspires you particularly?
I love Stephanie Bond, she’s smart, witty, an amazing author, who not
only writes great books. She’s a business woman I admire, who’s figured
out how to be a success, her way, in this industry.
3) Please, tell us about your latest book and, if you can, about your
future projects.
Tomorrow my newest release and the final book in Walk the Right Road
Series, Blown Away, The Final Chapter will be available on Amazon. It is
a romantic suspense of six friends and one really bad guy. A little
about Blown Away, The Final Chapter:
Imagine a man who’s been the source of all your misery showing up on
your doorstep. Imagine too this man wants your forgiveness for every bad
thing he’s ever done, to you and your friends. Do you believe him?
Marcie, Maggie and Diane, are three friends and all have one thing in
common. Dan McKenzie. An unscrupulous man who uses woman, and his motto
in life is lie cheat and steal. He faked his death and tried to frame
Maggie’s husband with his murder. He blackmailed Marcie to run drugs for
him. And Diane, a cop had to stand by knowing he was responsible for
planting drugs in her partners locker, e dead…d child, while
theirScotationship is on the brand he’s always, walked away scot free.
Until Now.
As the friends move on with their lives, Maggie and her husband plan for
another child after surviving the loss of their daughter. Zac asks Diane
to marry him except secrets from Zac’s past could be what destroys the
future they have planned. And Marcie and Sam are expecting their second child,
while their relationship teeters on the brink of disaster.
What these three friends don’t expect, is sometimes life has a way of
evening the score.
As far as future projects, I have listened to the flood of emails I
received from my fans after I published the last book in The Outsider
Series, (The Wedding). No one wanted to say goodby to the Friessen men,
these headstrong sexy alpha’s the three brothers and cousin and all the
family drama. So I have listened and a new series, The Friessen’s – A
New Beginning will be out later this month, with Laura and Andy heading
off to Montana.
I have a really busy writing schedule, and have a series of book
outlined for 2014. Next is the second book in The Wilde Brothers Series,
Friendly Fire, which is big brother Logan Wilde you were introduced to
in The One.
Logan takes a job as a sheriff in a small Idaho town, but when he meets
up with Julia, a slim single mom with short black hair, green eyes, and
an ass that drives him wild, he wants to get to know her a lot better.
Julia runs a small café. While she’s making him an espresso, the hiss
from the steam triggers a flashback, and he shoots the coffee-filled
carafe right from her hands. Julia is terrified. She’s seen that wild-eyed
in her
father’s eyes, right before he shoved a gun to his head and pulled the
trigger. Julia isn’t interested in dating anyone like Logan Wilde, even
though he has wide shoulders and deep blue eyes that she dreams of
getting lost in. No, she’s already decided she’s going to meet someone
who’s average, works in an office, and has never handled a gun. She
doesn’t want that kind of danger anywhere in her life or near her
When Julia starts dating Brent, there’s a spark, and he’s pretty good
looking, too. At five foot eleven, he’s in good shape, and he works in
an office. He’s never been in the army, and he’s never carried a gun.
She’s convinced he’s perfect, even though there is no chemistry, no
butterflies, and none of the off-the-charts fireworks that always sizzle
between her and Logan.
But when one of her daughters goes missing, it’s Logan Wilde she calls
to help track her down, because Tammy has vanished without a trace,
even though is there on Julia’s doorstep, Logan doesn’t trust Brent.
He feels Brent is too helpful, and his gut tells him something isn’t quite right
about this guy.
Logan discovers that Brent may know more about the disappearance of
Julia’s daughter, and he learns that he is far from the safe, dependable
guy that Julia believed him to be.
4) How was your writing journey? Was it difficult to find an agent and get published?
My first novel was published in 2008 by a publisher.
My second was under consideration for a long time by an agent, who requested numerous changes,
and then like so many stories in this industry, decided they couldn’t sell it.
Because it didn’t neatly fall into a romance or a mystery/thriller.
This was a different novel, a genre bender which no publisher would pick up.
Other industry professionals advised me I either had to dump the suspense, mystery aspect and go heavier on the
romance or go the other way with the mystery suspense which would put it  in category of Mystery/Thriller/Suspense.
And it was at this point I said no, because  it had now come down to changing the entire story.
This was 2011, and with this dilemna and spending too much time on one novel I wondered if it would ever be published.
It was then that I met up with some Author friends who had started self-publishing themselves, and I decided to join them after they showed how changes in the industry allowed for authors to take the self publishing approach successfully.
This turned out to the be best decision I ever made. I have since joined
a group of authors who are both traditionally published and Indie
Authors, and we all have one thing in common. We play to win.
We cross promote each other, and each of us are serious about our career and have a new book out every four to six weeks. It is an aggressive writing schedule, but is necessary if you want to make it in this market. Each one of my books has landed in the top 10 of it’s genre on the Amazon
platform and I sold over 150,000 ebooks since releasing my wildly successful romance, The Forgotten Child in 2012, which landed me on the Amazon bestseller list. I have since signed with a publisher for the German translation rights for The Forgotten Child.
I currently have no agent. And love the fact I’m in charge of my writing schedule, I write what I want to write, not what the industry tells me what to write.
5) What’s your opinion about this Ebook revolution?
The eBook revolution is in fact responsible for my success. Although I
do have a few books in print, eBooks are where ninety eight percent of
my sales come from. In the US, this platform has revolutionized eBook
sales. I believe we are just beginning to see the foreign markets step
into this arena. I am quite excited about the industry changes and what
is yet to come.
6) Nowadays many publishers expect their authors to use Social media a lot to promote their books.
Many authors, on the other hand, would prefer to write only, without being distracted by digital trivialities:
what are your thoughts?
I would love to just sit and write, and if that were possible I would
certainly be putting out more books than I am now. But then that
requires a book to sell itself, and sadly that is an illusion. Promoting
through social media takes as much time as writing a book. And if you
want your book to sell, you need to stay on top of the every changing
Social media market. It is a full time job in itself and requires a
commitment everyday. I’ve had to establish a schedule for myself, I
write in the morning and I promote in the afternoon. What it comes down to is very simply,  no social media = no sales.
To know more, please visit: http://www.lorhainneeckhart.com
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