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by Louisa Klein

And here I am! Back with you! Still groggy after a gigantic New Year’s Eve veggie dinner (which I PROMISE looked much more mouth-watering than this):
bitstrips 002
also had a nice party with my closest friends, spent mostly watching films (last night I went to bed at 4 a.m)  and waiting for the countdown. I loved the movies (one of them was, of course, New Year’s Eve! with Zac Ephron 😉 ) but found the countdown a little boring. OK, maybe I found it more than a ‘little’ boring, but, in my defence, I had two glasses of red wine and wine always makes me sleepy…
Bitstrips 007
Anyway, horrid 2013 is gone, now we can all make plans and be optimistic for a change!
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According to Joe Konrath, if you’re a writer you should also make writers’ New Year’s Resolutions. So here Iam, following his advice:
1)      I will finish the damn book ASAP AND WON’T LET MY DAY JOB GET IN THE WAY;
2)      I will listen to criticism;
3)      I will keep telling the stories that I’s like to read and NOTHING ELSE (aka, I will stay true to my heart). Which means that…
5)       I will stay in touch with my fans. They might not be millions, but they are faithful and enthusiastic, so the least that I can do is to entertain them! Therefore…
6)      I will keep up with my blog and social networks;
7)      I will create interesting online events on the Lost in Fiction blog;
8) I will read much, much more than I did last year.
Mr Konrath says one has to set realistic goals and the above are all very achievable with a a little hard work. After all, last year in January I was about to publish my book and no one had heard of me s an urban fantasy writer. A year later, I have over 65 good reviews on Goodreads, 43 on Amazon aand 2083 people bought my quirky urban fantasy Supernatural Freak!  I AM A LUCKY GIRL AND VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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