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by Louisa Klein

To you and your families, Fiction-Fans!
This was a really busy year for me, with my book and all  and  the last two months were even busier!  Because I was house-hunting in London, yeah! The most expensive European city to live in because, you know, I’m quite masochistic! 🙂
Anyway, I have finally found a place, a truly nice one. Now, all I have to do, is  putting together the money to furnish it so, basically, BUUUY MY urban fantasy Supernatural Freak which will make you laugh while filling your day with suspense and scaring the hell out of you. Buy it. I know you like me. I know FOR SURE you don’t want me to sleep on the floor, right? Right? RIIIGHT??? 🙂
Supernatural Fog is cooking on gas, as I have finally found a editor who also works for  bestselling indie author
In Europe now, celebrating Xmas  with multilingual family, preparing German Lebkucken (kind of ginger biscuits made with honey and with icing on) and soupe d’onions with my French/Italian mum.  Xmas is my favourite festivity of the year, I get soo excited! It’s like being five all over again! More or less, I’m like this right now:
bitstrips 004
I know, incredibly childish, right? Well, let me deliver more grown-up Xmas wishes to you all, here you are:
bitstrips 001

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