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Amanda Hocking stopped blogging: WHY?

by Louisa Klein

Amanda Hocking has stopped blogging and I think it’s a real shame. I started following her over a year ago, when I was half through writing my indie urban fantasy Supernatural Freak.
The first time I read her, I felt an immediate connection. First of all, because we share Oh so many healthy obsessions! Like vintage fantasy movies. And Batman cartoons, just to name a few.
I don’t know why, but her blog and all her books transmit a sort of easy-going serenity. 80s carefree serenity, I would say.
I think that was the problem with her new series ‘Wake’. It’s about a bunch of mermaids arriving in a small seaside town, where they start eating young men. As a reader, you’re supposed to feel suspense and be scared. In fact, all you can vision is young people dressed 80s style, hanging around the docks and going swimming, while kids ride their BMXs in the background.
She started blogging less and less since she signed a 2 million deal with Saint Martin’s. I supposed she was feeling the pressure. Plus, for some reason I cannot grasp, they made her write a 4 book series in six months. No wonder it wasn’t that good, once it got out.
Now, after having announced her new series, a spin-off of the Trylle Trilogy, Amanda has completely stopped blogging. It has been six months now, so a reasonable long time to say she’s stopped. And, again, it’s a shame. I loved, LOVED the Hollows and I am crazy about Virtue. I love Amanda Hocking and her work but, even more, I loved her blog. Because it made me feel like I belonged. Like I wasn’t the only weirdo in the world obsessed with Jim Henson and Batman’s films and cartoons.
And now she has stopped, presumably because she’s too busy writing her new series. ‘Wake’ didn’t go that well, I understand.  Therefore, her publisher is now pushing her to write more. They want her to earn the big money they gave her, I get it.
I don’t know if she’ll ever get back to blogging, anyway, if she does, I suspect it won’t be the same as before. Her posts had become more and more formal lately. She wouldn’t share her projects and ideas anymore. She wouldn’t talk about other people books, let alone review them. It sounds like she had a publicist whispering in her ear, every time she sat to write a post. Which was probably the case.
Well, I will miss her. In fact, I already do.  She was inspiring and fun and straight-forward. I suppose there is a price to pay, to pocket a few millions dollars. She switched to a traditional publisher not only  because of the money, but because she felt stressed and overwhelmed and was so busy promoting, that she didn’t have time to write anymore. I wonder if she is now regretting her decision or not. Well, we will never now. I miss you Amanda, YOU WERE GREAT!

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