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Alive and kicking!

by Louisa Klein

Hi everyone, I’m back! Alive and kicking! First let me say this: I could kiss European welfare in the mouth. Everything was FREE, from pre-surgery blood tests, to the actual surgery (a team of experienced doctors did it), to the night I spent in the hospital in a single room! I
paid only 5 bucks for the post-surgery meds, which would have cost me 80 euros, otherwise! For the first time, I realised where all my tax money goes! Unfortunately, it turnd out that I’m allergic to pain killers, so I went through two very painful post-surgery weeks :(. Also my dog is much better, although his condition is chronic…. But he’s a real, tough fighter!
Anyway, now I’m totally fixed and I have some exciting news about book 2, Supernatural Fog! The cover is ready and BEYOND AWESOME! If you are a blogger and would like to help with the cover reveal, please EMAIL ME here: info AT lostinfiction.co.uk! Oh, life is good!

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