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Book fair!

by Louisa Klein

Hey you all, it’s been a while! I’m glad to tell you that my dog is feeling much better, although his is a chronic condition, so no hope to heal him for good. During these two months, he went through lesmaniasis, two nasty kidney infections and a series of serious asthma attacks, one of which nearly killed him. He is not completely out of the woods, but the vet is cautiously optimistic, especially since Martino is eating like crazy! To celebrate, since I’m in the continent right now, on Sunday I took a day off and went to the Turin Bookfair which is even better than I remembered it! For those  of you who haven’t heard of it, here’s some info taken from the official homepage:

“The International Book Fair of Torino celebrates its twenty fifth anniversary
in 2012. Created from an idea of Guido Accornero and Angelo Pezzana, a historic
Torino bookseller, on the model of the Paris Salon, overcoming it in terms of
the wealth and variety of contents and the number of visitors, reaching the
peak of European events in the sector.
Moving to public management in 1998 through the Fondazione per il Libro, la
Musica e la Cultura, it has recorded constant and growing success, also due to
its mixed nature – exhibition/market, cultural festival, the opportunity for
professional meetings, a special area dedicated to children and young adults –
and the warm support of public institutions (Regione Piemonte, Provincia di
Torino, Città di Torino), and foundations such as the Compagnia di San Paolo
and the Fondazione CRT, partners like the Chamber of Commerce of Torino and
private sponsors, publishers and the media which have always guaranteed
impressive coverage.

The visitors, who have doubled in twenty years with numbers now stable at over
300,000 every year, have assumed a role as the true protagonists: strong,
motivated and selective readers, who have enlivened thousands of meetings,
debates, seminars and workshops.”

I went there in the early morning, hoping to skip the big crowd… I was
clearly deluded! To get what I mean, just have a look at the pic below:
A very nice surprise was a stand all about Star Wars books, surrounded by Star Wars guys who were really friendly and let everyone take pictures of them!
There was also a fake Darth Vader, which was really intimidating!
Then, I visited the Adelphi’s stand. Adelphi is the poshed and most cultivated Italian publisher, they publish amazing stuff! There, to my great surprise, saw this huge table covered with dozens of books by French writer George Simeon (he wrote Maigret’s detective novel, if you haven’t heard of him before):
How is this possible?Why wasn’t I informed?  How come the poshest and most cultivated Italian publisher didn’t consult me FIRST?…. I was appalled, look at my shocked face:
Anyway, overall a great time, especially since I had the chance to admire a bunch of books by ‘book engineer’ and designer Bruno Munari which made my day! Here’s a pic:
That’s all, folks! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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