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My dog martino is very ill

by Louisa Klein

Hi everyone! You might have noticed I haven’t blogged for a solid week, which is so not me. Usually, my colleague Bruce replaces me, but he’s too busy these days. Thing is, my dog is very ill. When they ask me if any of the characters of my book exist in real life, I proudly answer tht, yes, one character does exist it’s Martino, the MC’s dog (and my dog). I rescued Martino from a lagher kennel in the south of Italy, over 7 years ago. He was my first dog ever! He weighed 11 kilos, while he should have weighed 18. He was in terrible conditions. He gradually recovered and was healthy for 4 years unti, 3 years ago, he had an Xray and I learned the terrible truth: he had been shot in the chest before I adopted him and had 53 pellets in his lungs. That brought him a form of degenerative bronchitis with ashma attacks that I managed to keep at bay with medications, at least until now.  He has been poorly for the last two months, but got realy worse ten days ago. He managed to pull through again (he’s a fighter!) but still has bad ashma attacks, each could kill him.  I will bring him to the Alpes as soon as the weather allows, where he can recover, in my parents’ company. If he survives until then, he might be safe. Please, be patient with me and cross your fingers for Martino!martino, will update about Supernatural Freak as soon as I can.

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